1 Cropia (noun) [croh-pee-a]: Cropia is a common intuitive experience where the subject observes exposure to a predetermined course of life events.


2 Cropia (noun): Cropia may be defined as a symbolic conception through continual time motion. It can be experienced as a setting where the wind clicks around to the same hour. To that time when the echo of the past present and future is held by a metaphysical thread or the transgressive imagination of the subject.

Cropia is also a long road.

After a disappearance back in my youth years, the images explore the underlying story. Connecting the dots and observing the signs the viewers come to discover the mystical undertone of the weird events that occurred before and after the disappearance.

The feeling of Loss, the haunting memories, the after life, spirituality and evil are explored in a deeply personal way through a mixed timeline.